Writing Coach

Andrea Applebee

“Andrea reviewed my application and personal statements for residency fellowships.  She is an incredible editor with a heart of gold. Perhaps most impressive was the additional lengths she went to in order to understand me, my personality, and the message I was trying to portray in my writing.  The feedback she provided was specific and meaningful, and her suggestions greatly improved the readability of my documents.  She has exceptional grammatical skills and has a gift for using language in novel ways that capture a reader's attention.  I have only the highest compliments to give Andrea and hope I will be able to work with her again in the future.” 


Coaching & Editing for Your Writing

My one-on-one clients typically have a lot of work to do. Many organize charities and social justice boards, or they are grad students/professors who need help with their next important piece. Sometimes, my help focuses on emotional challenges, and I play a more supportive role during the drafting process. Other clients approach me after the first draft is already finished – for edits and tips.

I focus on writing development – whether our relationship will last two sessions or a number of years. The piece improves, and I leave my clients with a new understanding that will help all of their writing assignments in the future. I would rather build a dam collaboratively than empty bucket after bucket of water. 

Write More Clearly and Persuasively

The training I received at Penn in reasoning and structure helps me provide incisive, generative feedback. There are two layers to my feedback: 1) logical coherence; and 2) language use. I also look for patterns in the piece. So instead of reacting in every instance, I notice what rules or methods my clients are struggling with. Whether the tendency is inactive verbs or connecting ideas, I will leave one global comment and teach that missing concept in our session. So instead of a document filled with red, you receive the training needed to improve the project and all writing projects in the future. 

Writing Coach Price: $60 per hour

“Andrea’s path through writing passes first through pleasure, before it aims at healing and this animates her teaching, too. Her affective understanding of writing taught me how to always pass through a shared world before developing a text. Her love of language as an area where we can cultivate ourselves personally and discover a joyful duty always remained with me. Her openness and will to welcome students and hear their voice always enabled her to guide our writing to a better place that we ourselves would first recognize.”